Alex Boyd Jewelry WORKSHOP // July 14-16 2023: Prongs, Hinges and Gold, Oh My!


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WHEN: July 14-16 2033

TIME: 9-5:00 pm (Daily)

COST: $595
includes Gourmet Lunch by Chef Lars every day (3 days)

MATERIALS FEE start at $200 payable to Alex at beginning of workshop
For in-person classes he will bring kits with a wide variety of stones that include all the metal necessary to make the project. You are welcome to bring your own materials, but the specific dimensions of your stones may require deviating from the class plan to accommodate them. I’ll bring plenty of extra metal to enable adjustments.

Small cab (sample piece is 15mm x 12mm)
Large tablet style stone (sample is 28mm x 22mm)
.925 strip 18 gauge slightly more narrow than tablet, long enough to wrap around .925 sheet 20 gauge larger than tablet wrapped in strip
.925 8 gauge sheet large enough to solder bezel for cab to
.925 20 gauge strip 3mm wide x 3cm long
22k bezel strip 26 gauge long and tall enough to set cab
18k round wire 20 gauge 7mm long
22k round wire 18 gauge enough to make prongs for tablet
Hard silver solder
18 yellow hard solder

JEWELRY WORKSHOP LOCATION: Workshop 46.8 degrees North. 40 S 2nd St. #105 in Bayfield, WI. If you are driving North on HWY 13, come all the way in to Bayfield and take a right on ManyPenny Ave (Blue Tourist Information sign). Drive 4 blocks down (you’ll see the Lake ahead) and take a right on 2nd Street to park. If you need closer parking due to different abilities, please contact us. (map link)

When Alex Boyd was a young boy he stole an enchanted ring from a powerful bruja.  That night his slumber was disturbed by a tapping at his window. When he slid the window open a huge raven rushed in, flew around the room and perched on his bookshelf. “I know what you have taken from me,”  the raven cawed.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Alex lied, hiding his bejeweled finger behind his back.  “No matter.  It is your problem now.  The wearer of that ring is indentured to create more talismans of power, either for 1000 years or until he makes something so sublime, so perfect, so beautiful that the spell is broken and he is freed.” “1000 years it is,” Alex said as he thrust the raven out the window and slammed it shut behind her.  He has been making jewelry ever since.

MAX class size: 10

JEWELRY PROJECT: In this ADVANCED class students will learn how to build a gold and silver prong setting for a tablet style stone, make a gold and silver bezel setting for a cabochon with a hidden bail and hinge the two elements together.  Alex will have many different kits available so every student will make a unique piece.  Kits will start at $200.  Competence soldering, sawing and bezel setting are useful in this workshop.
TOOLS SUGGESTED BY ALEX: A few notes about the tools. These are all the tools I use in the PDF that accompanies this class to make this project. There are many workarounds if you don’t have all these tools. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE LINKS FOR TOOLS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. The links are just examples of the tools used. There’s a wide range of price and quality for almost everything here. If this will be an in-person class I’m happy to share my tools with anyone who doesn’t have what they need. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]  The workshop space has similar tools available for use throughout the workshop.  Please see below and this link for more information available tools.

Each student will have their own jewelry bench, flex shaft and hand tools.

Half-round pliers (available in studio)
Chain nose pliers (available in studio)
Round/flat pliers (available in studio)
Flush cutters (available in studio)
Parallel pliers
Scribe (available in studio)
Saw frame (available in studio)
2/0 Blades
6/0 Blades
Titanium solder pick (available in studio)
Flux (available in studio)

Needle-tipped bottle (available in studio)
Torch (oxy-propane in studio)
Solder block (available in studio)

Pickle (available in studio)
Steel wire bird’s nest (will make in class)
#2 cut barrette hand file
#4 cut barrette hand file
#2 cut needle file set
#5 cut needle file set
Planishing hammer
Riveting hammer
Bench block (available in studio)
Sandpaper 180, 320 and 600 grit
Something to use for sanding sticks
3M Bristle discs
.6 mm drill bit
1mm drill bit
1mm krause bur
2 -1” square pieces of 18 gauge copper or brass
Pin vise
Pumice wheel

• Enthusiasm and patience (remember you will be learning a billion new and fun skills for the first time—enjoy the moment and BREATHE)
• 100% cotton apron (I will also have some to borrow)
• Close-toed studio shoes to wear during workshop. WINTER/ RAIN: Studio space is very slippery with wet shoes so we recommend leaving those at the door.
• Reading glasses or magnifiers
• Headband, clip or holder to keep your hair back when soldering
• Notebook and pen/pencil to jot down important ideas, thoughts, etc.

LUNCH is provided by Chef Lars of Cooking with Lars. And (WOW!), are you in for a treat. Please let us know if you have any food allergies or special food considerations so we can pass that information along to him. There will also be a tea kettle and complimentary assorted RISHI teas available throughout the day as well as sparkling botanicals available for purchase.


CLOSEST AIRPORTS: Duluth, MN (2 hour drive); Minneapolis, MN (4.5 hour drive)

SILVERWAVES JEWELRY will be hosting a TRUNK SHOW for Alex on Friday evening 7-9pm.  Details TBA.  But it’s going to be really cool.

25% of fee is considered non-refundable in cases of withdrawal for all students up to 60 days before the workshop. In other words, think carefully before reserving your spot!
Course fee is non-refundable within 45 days of the workshop unless I am able to fill the student’s spot, in which case the 25% fee still applies.
If I cancel a workshop, then 100% of your fee will be reimbursed.
Extra events planned within workshop are nonrefundable.
By signing up for the workshop you agree with the cancellation policies.

INQUIRIES: [email protected], call the gallery (715-913-0256) or my cell (414-550-7015)

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Workshop Date

June 18, 2022, September 28, 2022


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