Basalt Colorful Pebbles Bracelet


Sterling silver components

7.5 – 8.75″ length (adjustable)

Handmade in Bayfield, WI

Out of stock


I liked the long shape of these stones and thought, for some time, they would make an interesting cuff -style bracelet. Carry a little beach on your wrist.



Basalt is by far the most common rocks you will find on Lake Superior’s North Shore beaches. It is one of the four rock-types that make up the basement bedrock of the earth’s crust. Basically it is lava that cooled quickly on the surface. Each one has a distinctive shape and in a variety of shades of color from blush-black to grey. That quick cooling is what caused it to be dense, very fine grained (tiny crystals) and smooth – although the smooth surface is also due to glacial grinding & Gitche Gumee tossing it about for eons. That Basalt rock you hold in your hand (or wear on your body) is over a billion years old!


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