Cedar Tree Pendant


1.9 cm wide x 3.3 cm high

Hangs on leather cording with adjustable knots

Made in Bayfield, WI

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Thuja occidentalis, or, the Cedar.

On the north shore of Lake Superior in Cook County, you can find “The Witch Tree”. It is an ancient cedar tree growing out of bare rock on the shoreline. Its gnarled, stunted, and twisting branches hang on the rock somehow weathering the relentless Lake Superior weather.  The earliest written records of the tree  are by French explorer Sieur de la Verendrye in 1731, who commented on the tree as a mature tree at that time. The tree is sacred to the Ojibwe, who leave offerings of tobacco to ensure a safe journey on Lake Superior. Due to its sacred nature and vandalism problems in the past, the tree is considered off limits to visitors unless accompanied by a local Ojibwe band member.


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