Lake Love Curated Art & Maker Box (5-piece)


Southshore makers and artists.

Send a little Lake Love.

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Spread a little Lake Superior Love and join me in celebrating the five year anniversary of the Silverwaves Jewelry Gallery!

What a year is has been- on so many levels! While challenging, the shift this year has given me time to think of ways to better support my artist, maker and small business neighbors. Collaboration and mentorship are things I have always sought and now that I have rooted myself firmly as an artist, it is my intention to be the things I wished I would had had when I was just starting out. After all, a rising tide (or, seiche?) lifts all boats!

After many solo and socially distanced hikes, the Lake Love Curated Art &  Maker’s Box has come to fruition. This is a dynamic addition to Silverwaves Jewelry. The best part? The gifts included from local artists and makers will rotate so I can continue to share Lake Superior’s South Shore creativity with the world.

In a world where there is so much division, art can bring us together. Why not send a little Lake Love to someone you love?

Each carefully curated and delightfully packaged 5-piece gift can be picked up in Bayfield or shipped to the address of your choosing (continental US addresses only). The 5-piece box currently contains the following:

  • Silverwaves Jewelry (Bayfield, WI): Ancient basalt earrings
  • Harbor House Sweets (Washburn, WI): Handcrafted chocolates (2-dark, 2-milk)
  • From the Earth Pottery (Washburn, WI): hand made clapotis little special plate for jewelry, soap, agates, pebbles and other precious things.
  • Madeline Islande Candles (La Pointe, WI): Mossy agate tin travel candle
  • Sweet Pea Soapery (Marengo, WI): Inhale handmade soap of rosemary, peppermint & lemon.




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