Waves etched in Basalt Necklace


Hangs on 18″ sterling silver rolo chain.

2 cm x 3 cm

*Size, shape, and color vary. Just like the Lake, herself.

Made in Bayfield, WI

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My iconic wave pattern etched in a perfectly smoothed piece of basalt.

*Size, shape, and color vary. Just like the Lake, herself.


Basalt is by far the most common rocks you will find on Lake Superior’s North Shore beaches. It is one of the four rock-types that make up the basement bedrock of the earth’s crust. Basically it is lava that cooled quickly on the surface. Each one has a distinctive shape and in a variety of shades of color from blush-black to grey. That quick cooling is what caused it to be dense, very fine grained (tiny crystals) and smooth – although the smooth surface is also due to glacial grinding & Gitche Gumee tossing it about for eons. That Basalt rock you hold in your hand (or wear on your body) is over a billion years old!




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